The Yunicon Interview

The MNC team had the opportunity to chat a bit with the organizers of the Yunicon event, which will take place for the first time in the Schwechat Multiverse. You can see what information we could get for you here:

First of all, we ask you for a short introduction.

Hello my name is Zlatko Hamzic and next to me is Martin Oswald. We are the founders of Anigame and the Yunicon-ORGA.

Who or what is Anigame?

Anigame is an anime and gaming store from Graz, hence the name.

What do you offer, what do you represent?

We offer everything you could wish for, from manga / anime merchandise, to trading cards (Yu-Gi-Oh), to video games. We are particularly interested in retro games, of which we certainly offer the largest selection in Austria. In addition, we are the organizers of Hanamicon in Graz and the new Yunicon in Vienna Schwechat.

What are the idea and concept behind the name “Yunicon”?

To be honest, the name came to us after the first sightseeing of the multiverse. Yunikon means unicorn in Japanese. We just exchanged the “K” with a “C” and had the perfect name for us, the template for the theme and the mascot.

[ユ ニ ー ー] – yunikōn Fabulous animal in the shape of a horse, with a single twirled horn on it´s forehead.

Why did you choose the multiverse as a location?

Personally, I’ll never forget that feeling the first time I was there, I think that was 2015. The stage just kills one. After knowing that the location was no longer being used as a convention location, with the experience of Hanamicon we wanted to resurrect the multiverse as it were.

What does the convention promise the visitor?

So we hope a lot of fun and entertainment.
We made every effort to have something for everyone. Competitions, shows, workshops etc.
We hope that everyone will go home with a smile.

If the first Con becomes a success, what are your plans for the future?

We really have a lot of ideas that we could not implement this year, because it’s the first con. We hope the Yunicon will be well received so we can implement these ideas and much more next year.
In April, the next Hanamicon will arrive.
We already have a lot in the planning for this.

What is the difference to already existing cons. What makes you different?

In principle, most cons are similar.
Through good program and various activities we try to entertain people in the best possible way.

We would like to thank Anigame for this interview!

Cosplayer Trading Cards? What´s behind this?

So, yes there are trading cards with (at the moment mainly european) cosplayer on it.

“Do they make trading cards of me and my cosplay?”

Yes! You just have to follow this LINK and submit the ordering form. Everything easy from home on the internet.

“But I´m sure this is very expensive, this cards are so shiny and ….”

Wrong! This is NOT a business, it´s a voluntarily started community project. You buy the cards for what they cost in production.

But I think there is one question left … where is this project coming from? Who stands behind it and is it really trustworthy?

Meet the creator and learn about the origin of Cosmangacraft in our exclusive interview:

MNC: Hello, thanks for the oppurtunity to do this interview with you. So, please introduce yourself and tell us what exactly you´re doing.

Stefan: Hi, my name is Stefan, I am a 37 old guy from Czech Republic and I am an owner of an e-shop with Magic: The Gathering cards and other related stuff.

MNC: There we got our first hint where this idea is coming from. When do you entered the cosplay community?

Stefan: It was during summer of the last year. A friend of mine – TanakhT – is a cosplayer and coincidentally a former MTG player.

MNC: Why are you offering this service? What is your goal?

Stefan: Like cosplayers,  I like to create new stuff as well (in my case, not costumes, but cards ). I realized that cosplayers use a kind of business cards, but most of the time these are of  much larger size. And because I already created my own cards for MTG (own custom tokens), an idea of real cards sounded great to me. I just added the collectible aspect and foil finish surface to make them more special. My goal is very simple: I want to help cosplayers with their promotion and also to create new collectible items for their fans.

MNC: Whats your personal background concerning this project?

Stefan: I am involved in collectible card games since 1995, when I started to play MTG. It is an amazing game and I always knew I want to sell it one day. As I mentioned before, later I started to create own cards so I just utilized my previous experience. Everything about cosplay is a hobby of mine, I have a regular job and I am not doing this for  profit – and that allows me to charge the cosplayers only for the real production cost of cards.

MNC: Do you work alone? If not, please introduce your team.

Stefan: Well, let me introduce you the second member of Cosmangacraft team – Her Furriness, Dogess Saber of the Bag, Keeper of Biscuits, Dried Meat…and your cards!

Stefan and Saber

Saber at home

MNC: She´s an absolutely cute fellow, may she protect our cards with her fluffy paws. Finally, is there anything you want to tell the people who are reading this?

Stefan: First, I would like to thank everybody who share the information about this offered service and the cards themselves. You are helping me and the cosplayers who are already involved in the project. Also, if you are cosplayers too and you like this idea of collectible coscards, don’t be shy and write me. These cards are not a kind of „reward“ or just for chosen ones – I will be happy to make them for you too!

We hope you liked this interview and if you want to help Cosmangacraft to reach more people, share this article with them. One important thing at last: We are not sponsored by Cosmangacraft. We paid for our cards like everyone and this content here is just because we appreciate the project and want to help making it bigger.

– Greetings your MNC-Team

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