Here is the place where I can show you all the photos of my cosplays! If you want to know who took a specific photo, then just click the “i” button when you opened the bigger picture view. We try to improve and update these albums as far as we can in cooperation with the photographers.
(Pictures are downgraded for better performance!)

Love Philosophia Luka

Officer Luka on duty ~ spread to love of Vocaloids!

Krul Tepes

Strolling through forgotten places, haunting people and stuff as vampire girl from Seraph of the End.

Luo Tianyi

More Vocaloid ~ 😀 
This dress is sooo beautiful!

Dark Angel Olivia

Pictures of my Dark Angel Olivia Cosplay. I love this mechanical wings!

OC Faun

This was my first 'original cosplay' which is a mystical creature from old myths: The Faun. I am very proud of the horns.

Miku Hatsune [Armored Vers.]

People who know me, know that I have a penchant for Vocaloids and Armors .... so why not combine these two things and do a Miku Fanart Cosplay? ^-^

Asuna Undine

Asunas New Alfheim style ~ blue as the waves.

Asuna Titania

The trapped fairy-queen Titania from original Alfheim.

Asuna Classic

Good ol' Asuna as she was in original Aincrad.