First content for testing purposes – Thanks for reading!

As I spent a lot of time, even whole nights of nerve-racking work on this homepage of my dear boss Michiyo, I decided to be a little bit saucy and dedicate the first testing content-article to myself. ^^

This website runs on the well-known WordPress CMS and is hosted by The content and functionality is managed by THM Media. Aside from little things like a calendar and a gallery-plugin, there is also an SEO-management-system running in the background to ensure that this website is smoothly indexed to all common search engines – means: you should be able to find it easily through online searching.

Easy systems like wordpress often create much bigger problems than more complexe systems, so I had to find workarounds and compromises for some things, but at least everything is doing well now. If there is any big mistake, malfunction or anything completely unsatisfying – please feel free to leave us a comment or contact us via mail. (

Well, some infos about me:

I am Pär, 22, media designer and CEO of THM Media, a little multimedia project from Austria. Since about two years I work for MNC (Michiyo Nakajima Cosplay) as a sideproject of mine and to help Michy, who is a good friend of mine, to get the right space for presenting her work online.

Facts: Too much caffeine, addicted to anime, more screens are never wrong, Cookies = Luv

Below you can see the ‘center of evil’. This is where MNC goes digital, the back-end. My little, but fine, personal workspace. (with some notes in decent red ^^)

Last but not least – we are from Austria, so there could be some or a lot of mistakes in our english writings – i now officially excuse us for possible blemishes. Don´t take them to bad.

Great thanks to our test-users:
Nicolas L. (Phone)
Nicole S. (Tablet)
Manuel S. (Phone)
Elisabeth S. (Phone)

This is till now the biggest project in MNCs digital history so I hope you all enjoy this website and maybe we meet at an upcoming convention!



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