About me

Birth: 14.09.1994
Origin: Austria
Height: 1,63 m
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Cosplay, Gaming, Photography

How I met Cosplay

My first contact with cosplay was, as a school-friend of mine told me about it in 2006. At this time I had absolutely no interest in that topic, so I refused the possibility to start cosplaying. Years later, in 2012 (Note: I watched anime all the time, this was the reason for her to ask me about cosplay.), she asked me again and as I refused again, she took me to a local merchandise shop for anime and cosplay stuff. I felt like I entered nerd-heaven. I was so motivated after this discovery, that I instantly bought my first cosplay (Yuki from Vampire Knight) and wore it at Japan City 2013.

For a long time I had no idea how my parents think about my new hobby and of course I wanted their appreciation and so I dared to craft and wear my first cosplay.(Katarina from League of Legends). At Fuyu Convention 2015 I revealed it and was happy about what I was able to create. Till today my parents started to like the work I put into my cosplays and my appearances at events. One after another I began to specialize on crafting armor, weapons, horns and technical gimmicks. I attended and won some local contests and naturally I strive to improve myself all the time.

Why do cosplay?

That´s one of the easier questions: None of my hobbies lasted for long. I was riding, partying and even were a member in an archer club. I don´t had this … I would call it ‘spark of motivation’ as there is with cosplay.

Other reasons are to improve my skills, meeting up with friends who also do cosplay, encourage beginners and to carry this wonderful hobby out in the world.

Where do I build the costumes?

Fortunately my parents provided me a part of the attic of their house as workspace. These are about 30 square meters of space, which are prepared to my needs and filled with my materials and tools. If you watch some of my work in progress videos you´ll see mostly this room.

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Michiyo Nakajima

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